Our Mission

To serve the interests of member schools through the effective sharing of accurate and meaningful educational and operational information, the cultivation of strong personal relationships among the members, and the establishment of forums and study groups on topics of interest to the membership.

INDEX is a not-for-profit organization governed by a Board of Directors, elected from the current member schools.

Our Work

INDEX provides the framework, management support, and technical and analytical expertise to several independent school collaborative groups. The purpose of each of these groups is to share data, analysis, research, and information to aid member schools in decision-making, policy development, and strategic planning.

INDEX offers an array of products, programs, and services, all designed in close collaboration with our members. The work we do and the services and products we provide are dynamic and ever evolving, as we anticipate trends and adapt to emerging tactical issues and long-term strategic visions. All our products and services are designed to provide insight into current performance, emerging trends, and best practices in the areas of institutional structure, operations, programs, and management.

We are a close knit group of professional colleagues. Many of our member schools have been working together in the collaborative for 20 years. We are not only a collegial group of professionals, we are trusted friends and colleagues. The intimate nature of our network allows member schools to willingly share experiences, insights, and initiatives.

Collaborative Groups

INDEX serves several collaborative groups of independent schools, each characterized by similarities in structure and organization.

K12 Schools

Co-educational PS/PK/K-12 day schools with enrollments of 750+

Middle/Upper Schools

Co-educational 3,4,5,6,7-12 schools with enrollments of 400+

Elementary Schools

Co-educational PS/PK/K-8/9 day schools with enrollments of 400+

For more information on our work, our collaborative groups, or potential new groups, please contact us.